TCORR: Designing everything from small oil containment systems for substations to miles of transmission lines.
Our varied experience in the electric utility industry allows us to meet the need of our clients, whether is it for a civil engineer, transmission engineer, project manager and/or materials manager.

Our Services

Material Management and Logistics

Our Material Management and Logistics services help bridge the gap between the design, procurement and construction phases of transmission line projects.

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Stranded Asset Recovery

We identify, organize and  inventory your stranded assets, and provide you with a current list of usable materials and a map of where they are located in your “bone yard”

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Project Management

Identifying issues early in transmission projects and addressing them in a timely manner goes a long way toward keeping your projects ontime and on budget.

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Transmission Engineering

We are trained to the highest industry standards, with several years’ experience designing 138 kV and 345 kV lines using the most recent versions of PLS-CADD and PLS-POLE.

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Civil Engineering

Transmission lines and substations require various civil engineering services, from foundation designs to low water crossings. Our Civil Engineering services can help you.

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Construction Inspection

With almost 20 years in the utility industry designing and inspecting various types of utility construction, we can ensure that your projects are built according to your plans and specifications.

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Anchor bolt cage assembly & tying reinforcing steel

In line with our goal of supporting transmission line construction, we assemble reinforcing steel cages for transmission and substation projects.

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