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We are natural problem solvers with servants’ hearts.

With a background in Civil Engineering, designing everything from small oil containment systems for substations to miles of transmission lines, our varied experience in the electric utility industry allows us to meet the need of our clients, whether is it for a civil engineer, transmission engineer, project manager and/or materials manager.

Working as a civil engineer in the utility industry for the past 20 years, Darden Wall, Jr. has witnessed, from the company’s, the contractor’s and the supplier’s side, recurring materials and logistics issues across multiple projects.  For example, material problems were so common that many considered them to be a normal part of any project.  After speaking with several people in varied roles of all facets of the process, Mr. Wall came to the conclusion that the real problem was that because there were so many different parties involved with the materials, no one party was able to maintain control of the project materials from specification to installation. He knew he could provide a solution.

With the unique perspective of an engineer, he could assist with all aspects of the process, including line design, material take-offs, the unloading, receiving and inspection of materials delivered, inventory management, storage, pre-assembly, staging, permitting, and final as-built drawings.  Thus, Transmission Corridor Engineering, Inc. (TCorrTM) was born.

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